Engaging photography & videography 

The image of a business projects and helps build customer confidence. Some firms use uniforms to create the impression of professionalism. Others develop a corporate culture of service. Companies providing both a professional image and quality service attract and retain customers.
I offer professional studio looking photography, with natural or personalized lighting, edited, retouched, with or without logo & optimized for any social media use.
you can choose what look you want to show on your display. ​​​​​​​
Monthly plans are offered to consistently create effective content
 Custom Photo Session per Hour $249 usd 
 photo product shooting per every 30 final pictures $199 usd
Monthly package for single or chain business offered upon a meeting
*( all photos include raw shots, jpg or png shots, edition, exported in high quality resolution, & social opt )  
Now, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. This goes to show that the demand for video content is also increasing. this days 87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. More businesses are including video content as part of their digital marketing strategy.
If video marketing is the future, then the future is here. You’re at the right place if you’ve been wondering whether it’s worth putting your mind and money into video marketing. 
Do you have enough resources to create videos? Are enough people in your target audience interested in videos? And in the end, will it be worth the effort? In short: yes.
Before we get started with the video marketing stats, let’s quickly go through the types of video that you can create to market your business
Commercial video: Is a short video explaining services, products or a establishment.
Ad/Promotional Video: When there is an specific offer or there is an special time of the year, targeting the desired consumer. 
Interview video: Where the founder or CEO of the business answer frequent asked questions from the customers or simply gives an special announcement.
Testimonial video: This is one of the best ways to get people to sing up to an event or subscribe to a newsletter or email list.
Product demonstration video: Functions and benefits of a certain product are demonstrated.
blog video: where a relationship between product/service to costumer/consumer is built through  weekly, or monthly video updates about various themes relevant to the entity.

Success with video marketing in 2018 hit peak levels. It’s not surprising if more businesses than in the past look to include video content as part of their digital marketing strategy.
Videos are a consumer's favorite type of content to see from a brand on social media (Animoto, 2018). Based on the 2018 State of Social Video Marketer Trends report, 73% of consumers claim that they have been influenced by a brand’s social media presence when making a purchasing decision.
it all comes down to the return of investment: ROI
If we look at the numbers, 88% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media.
Broadly speaking companies use video marketing to increase their sales, build brand awareness as well as trust, to keep their current customers informed, and to reach out to potential customers. 
I offer cinematic looking professional videos, guaranteeing a significant increase of traffic on social media and the physical entity.

 30" sec. long Video: $290 usd
 1' min. long video: $490 usd
Monthly or personalized package offered upon a meeting
*( all videos include aerial shots, ground shots, stabilized high quality resolution, edition & igtv opt )
Social media managing and digital marketing
Sometimes we can only do so much, and as a business owner, I am aware that there is definitely not as much time to fit everything in a busy agenda. 
I am compromised to take the techie world weight off your shoulders. You take care of the logistics of your business  and I take care of your online social presence. 
Brand awareness and brand loyalty do not happen magically. Engaging text and high-impact visuals draw customers in and speak to their needs, or create them. as a social media manager I develop and run social media content campaigns to accomplish these tasks.
Customers have to know what a businesses provides before they can take advantage of those goods and services.
I offer personalized monthly or annual packages to make your budget worth every cent. 
Monthly package for 1 establishment  5 posts per week $249usd
monthly packages for 1 establishment 8 to 10 posts per week $490 usd
*( all posts include edition, graphic design, logo in picture, edition, marketing strategy & social media optimization )
The goal of online marketing is to get your brand in front of as many people as possible. One of the best ways to do this is through running advertising campaigns . 
a major thing to remember about advertising campaigns is that the content always needs to be relevant. For google and social media this is the most importan factor. 
 my marketing is creative, client centric and result oriented. i apply a series of customized tactics to bring qualified traffic to your site while building relevant and lucrative content. my work reflects by increasing your conversions, repeat traffic, and expand your online visibility.
running a campaign may can seem an easy task, but most of the automated boosting ad campaigns will mislead your brand and content by displaying your ad to people that doesn't have an interest in what you are promoting.
with my experience using core targeting, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, dynamic product ads, & funnels. I make sure that the content is being used to its fullest potential, guaranteeing successful conversions and allowing you to see the real results from the screen of your phone with the conversion tracking analithycs.​​​​​​​

set up a personalized marketing campaign 20% service fee over completed conversion
* (all the marketing campaigns include, graphic design, branding, custom audiences and social ,media optimization)
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