What does Aloha mean to you?

Spread the Aloha movement stands up for sharing a message of consciousness and awareness through our planet. 

And its all about that, for us it doesn't matter where are you in the world, where are you from, but what matters its that you understand the meaning of ALOHA and be able to spread this with your loved ones.(family, friends, neighbors and every single person that you surrounded with
spread the aloha movement has been making earthlings between different parts of our planet, and as it has been growing and flowing up throught places from the west of Canada all the way to Peru and different Hawaiian islands,  we have had collected the answer of few human beings about what does aloha mean for them. This is a pretty complex and sometimes difficult question, but we manage to gather the most beautiful explanations about what does aloha mean from the children till the elders from all over the place.

We would like to know ..

What does Aloha mean for you ?

Aloha is the word which is bringing the whole world together.
If we can all understand what it is live in aloha, there won’t be suffering, there won’t be indifference and poverty.
This is part of the healing process of our earth.
We are coming to remember what we truly are and why we are here.
Its up to us to make the shift happen.

Spread the aloha movement is contributing to the collective awakening of the conciseness, and helping to spread the messages of truth throughout our planet

Through messages of awareness, love, & truth we will understand and unify as one! This is our time to rise as one and the power lies in the youth to commit to making this global shift happen
Mahalo for reading 

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